Your clients and prospects, as today's consumers, are value-driven. They are on a mission, to find quality service professionals, to meet their housing need. To find a place in this dynamic market, you need skill, self-discipline and human warmth. You need to concentrate on service; quality service.

There are no quick-fix formulae for winning, but there are step by step ways to doubling your income in real estate sales and improving your quality of life. These steps have been taught by well-meaning realtors and sales trainers, who have been in the sales trenches for more than a decade and have sold and managed a vast number of houses. We encourage you to study every step that is advanced here. Practice them consistently and no doubt, you will notice that your income is increasing very significantly.

Serve. Give quality service. Become very determined to deliver excellent services to your clients. Develop a towering level of service consciousness. This is very quickly noticed by clients. It is naturally appreciated and rewarded with repeat businesses, loyalty and referrals.

Confront your fear of objection. Keep selling. How indeed can you double your income in real estate sales if you are immobilized in fear of objections to your prospecting? Try cold calls once in a while. This will not hurt. One key way to confront your fears is not to ignore it. In her book, Elegant Choices, Healing Choices, Marsha Sinetar wrote, "Fear means we should pay attention. Just because we feel frightened does not mean we have to stop moving ahead". For instance, if a speaker feels a speaking anxiety, one tested way out is for him to confront the source of that anxiety, the audience; once he is introduced, he walks up to the middle of the audience, talk to a select number of people in that audience, one by one. By the time he walks back to stage, he is a lot more relaxed. You have planned the calls for too long. Now it is time to make the call. Make the call. Stop thinking and start acting.

Make good use of your time. Plan your activities upfront. Doubling your income means making the most of every moment of each day. It is great that you already have your mobile phone. In between visits, make valuable prospecting and follow-up calls. Draw up a Prospect List. Review and update your Prospect List. Draw up your marketing Call Plans. Break down your Call Plans into weeks and then days. Implement your Call Plans. Manage your time. Use your time wisely. It is one of your most valuable resources.

Follow up promptly and consistently, but not aggressively. Doubling your income means doubling your efforts. Do not delay in following up your prospects, especially positive contacts (provided the prospect did not slam the door against you, we still think it is a positive contact). Even where you have succeeded in an initial sale to him or her, that is just the beginning. You need to stay in touch. A relationship has only started. A seed has only been sown, for more businesses, for referral businesses. However, you know how not to pester or make infuriating calls or visits. Brief calls. Short calls. Strategic calls. Find a good reason to call or visit. Find occasions for these: "Happy birthday. Congratulations on your promotion. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. Happy New Year. Etc"

Take benefit from your network. This is your centre of influence. Those people you meet and interact with in the course of your normal, daily life. Let them know what you do. There are many friends and relations who would prefer to do business with you because they know you and because they trust you more than the other professionals that they have not known. Once your services satisfy a friend or relation, then doors are opened for more and even greater businesses with others in that network. Do you know what? This network grows. As this network grows, your influence grows, your business grows. Do not under mind your network.

Practice good hygiene. Stay healthy. Very frequently, you are in close contact with customers and prospects. You cannot afford any unpleasant smell from body. Stay clean and refreshed always. Stay healthy. Doubling your income takes plenty of energy. Choose a comfortable level of exercise. Drink plenty of water. Eat for health and not merely for taste.

Pray. Stay glued to your source. God is your source. He is the one that has given you the ability to make wealth. Faith is the most transforming force. Your prayer of faith can alter the course of things to your benefit. Prayer strengthens your faith. It energizes you. Even science agrees that prayer relaxes the heart and reduces stress and its effects on the body. Pray. Do it regularly.

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